Aura 7730 Series La Corneille® Golden Taklon


Aura 7730 series

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La Corneille® Golden Taklon Aura Series 7730

Golden Tacklon 
Short Handles 

Texturing, blending, and shaping have never been easier with the Aura 7730 Series. The full-bodied, oval-shaped, angle-cut head boasts slightly flared tips. Dabbing, dry brushing, and rotating easily creates tress, shrubs, clouds, fur, and other intrinsic elements. Ideal for use with thinned acrylics and gouaches. Available in sizes 1/2″ and 3/4″.

Loew-Cornell now features a collection of unique, specialty-shaped brushes for the fine artist and decorative painter. Loew-Cornell worked with reputable fine artists and decorative painters to create ten innovative, easy-to-use brush styles for particular strokes and techniques.

La Corneille® Golden Taklon brushes are some of the most widely used brushes in decorative painting. These brushes are both durable and versatile. They are loved for their absorbency, spring, and fine chisel edge.


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