Kanvas Karrier by Kitty Gorell for wet canvas




Kanvas Karrier by Kitty Gorell

KG Kanvas Karriers ~ the ultimate wet canvas carrier!

Safeguard and Transport your art work with this unique canvas carrier!  Anywhere, wet or dry!!!

The KG Kanvas Karrier © with its uniquely designed insert, is a canvas carrier specifically made for artist stretched canvas. Eliminate the worry of damaged artwork as you travel with wet oil paintings, as well as storage before framing. Although designed with the oil painter in mind, the Kanvas Karrierr is also very effective for transporting work in any medium on canvas or watercolor paper. Designed through a cooperative effort by Kitty and Chuck, the ©KG Kanvas Karrier has proven itself time and again as the superior way to transport and store paintings of all kinds. When used correctly, once closed with the handle out and the corner tabs locked in place, the insert secures the canvas so that you can carry it by the handle and nothing touches the surface of the painting. Even if turned upside down.

Three sizes now available:

SMALL:   For canvas sizes 8" x 10" ,11" x 14" or watercolor paper up to 12” x 16” 

MEDIUM:  For canvas sizes 12" x 16",14" x 18", 16" x 20" or watercolor paper up to 18” x 20” 

LARGE:  For canvas sizes 12" x 24" ,18" x 24", 20" x 24" or  watercolor paper up to 20” x 26” 

We suggest that you order in quantity to cut shipping costs per carrier.

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