Liner Series 7350 La Corneille Golden Taklon


La Corneille Liner Series 7350

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Golden Taklon Liner Series 7350

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Golden Tacklon 
Short Handles 

The Liner Series 7350 features a golden taklon, mid-length liner brush head, a short, black lacquered wooden handle, and a seamless, nickel-plated ferrule. The liner brush has very long hairs, creating consistent thick-to-thin lines for trees, vines, and foliage. 

La Corneille® Golden Taklon brushes are some of the most widely-used brushes in decorative painting. These brushes are both durable and versatile. They are loved for their absorbency, spring, and fine chisel edge.  Loew-Cornell aka La Corneille Golden Taklon brushes are economical brushes that are great for watercolors and other water based media. 


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