Wee Mop ™ 5319S-1/8 by Silver Brush “Sold by the dozen”



Wee Mop ™ 5319S-1/8

Wee Mop™

This item is now "SPECIAL ORDER ONLY"  minimum order 12 each

Miniature oval blending brushes are first quality, pure camel hair. Superb for dry brush blending in oils or acrylics while durable and long lasting . Wee Mop ™ 5319S-1/8 softens hard edges uniformly, for reflections or shadows. Soft hair won't cut into the color. 
Popular with tole and decorative painters’ for grape painting. This mini mop is an ideal tool for the student, amateur, water-colorist, hobbyist and ceramicist.  Small sizes allow for miniature painting on all surfaces.
These handmade brushes are securely set in seamless aluminum ferrules. Handles are light blue lacquered hardwood.  

Silver Brush provides superior product and service; the favorite choice of professional artists. Unsurpassed selection of brushes, in a vast choice of shapes, sizes and hair blends are ideal for every painting media and every level of creative artist.

Available in oval mop shape and size 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2". 


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Weight .092 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .2 × .2 in
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