Brush Care

The artist paint brush is one of the most essential of all artists’ tools. Only with proper care and cleaning can brushes perform to their potential. Over time, taking care of your brushes can save you time and money, and good quality brushes can last a lifetime if treated well. 


First, try to get in the habit of rinsing your brushes out immediately after use.  Don't let them sit around and dry up. Of course you will be focused on your art work but remember that in the end you will be better off not allowing dried paint to accumulate on your brushes.

Wipe off excess paint with a paper towel.  This is always a good start and makes washing much quicker and easier.  Next rinse with warm (not hot) water for acrylics, or a good cleaning solvent (Turpenoid Natural) for oil.  Be sure to continue to rinse until most of color is gone.

Now you can use your favorite cleaner to work up a good lather, cleaning any and all remaining paint.  Be sure to clean up by the feral to make sure no pigment is left in the bristle near the feral. Leaving any kind of paint in the feral is the start of the death of your brush.  Good cleaners for acrylics are Masters Brush Cleaner or Pink Soap.  Continue to wash and rinse until there is NO trace of paint left. 

2. Shape your brush

Many painters clean and rinse their brushes but forget about basic steps that will keep their brushes like new.  After your brush is COMPLETELY clean and rinsed, take the time to reshape the bristles.  Using Mona Lisa Brush Shaper will help hold the bristles in place while your brushes dry.  After using Brush Shaper  your brushes will look and feel just like they did when you purchased them originally.

3. Dry your brushes correctly

The bristle needs to dry in such a way as to allow the moisture to drain out to the end of the bristle - not into the feral where it will only start to damage the brush.  By placing your brushes in the Masterson Stay-New brush holder, you allow them to dry in the perfect environment.  Handle up and bristles down with no pressure on the bristle.

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