La Corneille Golden Tacklon

La Corneille Golden Tacklon by Loew-Cornell

La Corneille by Loew-Cornell

La Corneille Golden Tacklon by Loew-Cornell

The Loew-Cornell brand was sold in 2006.  The company has continued to be sold until it is now just a brand name that is no longer being manufactured. Michael Cornell has since started a new company called Kingart which is now manufacturing quality brushes that rival the old Loew Cornell products.   

Artists the world over recognize La Corneille  Golden Tacklon as the very best golden taklon brush in the world. The resilience, color holding capacity and super shaping abilities has made La Corneille a trusted brand for over a generation. Only the finest blend of golden taklon hair goes into La Corneille. A brush that mimmicks beautifully natural hair but at a much reduced cost. Each brush is hand made with nickle plated brass ferrules and mounted on balanced black lacquered wood handles. The perfect brush for artists using acrylics and other media.

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