Kingart Original Gold Brushes

Kingart Original Gold BrushesWhether you’re a professional painter or just starting a new hobby, quality brushes are very important. Kingart Original Gold Brushes were designed by master brush makers with the intention of lasting years. The Synthetic fibers are typically baked for softness and then bound and attached to a wooden or acrylic handle to help with muscle fatigue.

If you need help with any questions you have about Kingart Original Gold Brushes, don’t hesitate to contact Brushes & More. You can contact us at 281-259-3730 or fill out the form on this page and a paintbrush expert can help answer your questions.

All Shapes & Sizes

People love Kingart Original Gold Brushes for many reasons. One of the main attractions is the variety that they come in. Different series and sizes make for different techniques that can be used. Our 9500 series Filbert and the 9020 series Max Round are some of the most popular shapes for decorative painting.

Before you begin painting, you’ll need to determine the brush strokes you’re looking to achieve on your masterpiece. Kingart Original Gold Brushes can work well with watercolor, acrylic or oil paint. The quality of these brushes should last you a long time. Also, the better the quality of the brush, they will hold more paint and typically apply more evenly. In most cases, they are easier to clean too.

Check for Comfort

When shopping for a new brush, make sure you’re comfortable holding it for a period of time. You don’t want your hand to cramp in the middle of your painting. Kingart Original Gold Brushes are made for comfort.

Brushes & More will help you decide the best brush for the job at hand. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 281-259-3730 or fill out the form on this page and we will discuss your needs and which quality brush or brushes are best for your project.

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