Aliyah Curved Flat 8 White Taklon Series 1780

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Aliyah Curved Flat 8 White Taklon Series 1780

Due to the great demand of the Curved Flat 8 shape, we have worked with the manufacture (a well respected multi-generational company) to bring this amazing brush back to the market. First developed by Gisele Pope back in the late 90's, this was and is the favorite of many painters.  The shape is really half  flat and half filbert.  We have re-introduced this shape in the widely acclaimed White Taklon because of it's fine characteristics..  

Taklon is made in several sizes, ranging from 0.08 mm to .15 mm, which mimic hair, to .20 mm, which mimics boar bristle. The diameter affects the stiffness or softness of the brush. Diameter variation in the Taklon fibers creates more space between the filaments, allowing the brush to carry more liquid. it is available in white or gold colors.[3] White Taklon is considered the most pure form and usually displays qualities superior to dyed Taklon.  It is a synthetic that does in no way have anything to do with or harm animals.

Now available in sizes 6,8,10.  We are always open for requests for additional sizes that you may require.  Please feel free to contact us  and let us know your needs and requests.  

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Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × .5 × .25 in


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