Chris’s Spectacular Stencil Brush Set

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Chris's Spectacular Stencil Brush Set

Introducing another fantastic brush!

Chris's Spectacular Stencil Set

Chris's SPECTACULAR Stencil Brush Set is fantastic for stenciling, and also perfect for dry-brushing! Contains all three sizes; 3,4 and 5.  A versatile workhorse brush to be used both wet and dry! No more waiting between colors;  simply clean brush, towel dry, and switch to a new color! Created by renowned artist Chris Haughey, "an addict of the wonderful world of acrylic painting".

Unlike natural hair brushes, synthetics are easier to clean, less prone to damage from solvents and caustic acrylics. They are exceptionally durable on a variety of surfaces from canvas to wood. These features increase the longevity of the brush. Each brush holds its shape well and consists of filaments that are dyed and baked to increase softness and absorption. Created for versatility, durability, and ease of use.

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  • # 3  Total length 5.5"    (139.7 mm)         APPROXIMATE HAIR (bristle) SIZE:     3/8" long  x  3/16"   diameter  (10 x 4 mm)
  •  #4 Total length 6.0"     (152.4 mm)         APPROXIMATE HAIR (bristle) SIZE:     1/2" long  x 3/8"      diameter  (13X10 mm)
  •  #5 Total length 6.5"     (165.1 mm)         APPROXIMATE HAIR (bristle) SIZE:     3/4" long  x 9/16"    diameter  (19 x 15 mm)



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