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Golden Taklon Liner Brush Series 2920

Golden Tacklon 
Short Handles 

The Golden Taklon Liner Brush Series features a golden taklon brush head, a short, black lacquered wooden handle, and a seamless, nickel-plated ferrule. The Medium hair length of the liner holds just enough paint but doesn't require the extra control of a script liner. Well-suited for scrolls, straight lines, or stroke work. 

This brush compares directly to the age old L/C Liner (one of the most widely-used brushes in decorative painting). Made with the same exacting standards by the same craftsman giving you the quality and durability that you have been able to get in previous years.  

These brushes are both durable and versatile. They are loved for their absorbency, spring, and fine chisel edge.

See Kingart Original Gold for larger sizes of this brush.  

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