Long Filbert 7230-10 La Corneille® Golden Taklon



Golden Taklon Long Filbert 7230-10 

Golden Tacklon 
Short Handle 

The Long Filbert is unique.  It has a filbert head that is elongated for paint capacity . The fuller thicker base holds a large quantity of paint for base coating and is exceptional for glazes. The Long filbert is easy to use for washes, smooth basecoats and side loads. The thicker base of the Mesa makes it easy to keep paint out of the ferrule, allowing for easier cleaning.  We still have a few of the size 10 only. Bristle is approximately 7/16" wide and 7/8" long. 

Loew-Cornell now features a collection of unique, specialty-shaped brushes for the fine artist and decorative painter. Loew-Cornell worked with reputable fine artists and decorative painters to create ten innovative, easy-to-use brush styles for particular strokes and techniques.

La Corneille® Golden Taklon brushes are some of the most widely used brushes in decorative painting. These brushes are both durable and versatile. They are loved for their absorbency, spring, and fine chisel edge.

This brush and all of the other great brushes from Loew Cornell have all been discontinued by the manufacture.  We suggest that you check the new full line of KingArt Original Gold brushes.  These brushes will match hair for hair the quality of the old Loew Cornell.  See them here.


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Weight .0375 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 1 × .5 in
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