Lynne Andrews Magic Mop 1/4″

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Lynne Andrews Magic Mop 

Magic Mop 1/4"

This specially designed Lynne Andrews Magic Mop 1/4" is perfect for Lynne’s projects. The Magic Mop is a soft oval shaped white mop that does more that it's share of the work.  It can not only apply your color, wash and stipple, but can also be used as a great brush for softening. See Lynne's painting techniques in her video here.

Lynne Andrews

Another shape in the already highly acclaimed series of Lynne Andrews brushes. Created with the history and superior quality and craftsmanship of Brushes and More.
Beautiful Brick Red enameled handles with double crimped ferrules. 

 bristle size:      5/16" (8mm) Long          1/4" (6mm) Wide

You may find more information about Lynne and here products here at her website.


Additional information

Weight .006 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .25 × .25 in


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