Lynne Andrews Specialty Set of 3



Lynne Andrews Specialty Set of 3

This specially designed Lynne Andrews Specialty Set of 3 is perfect for Lynne’s special techniques. These three brushes are the Magic Mop, 1/4" Crescent Rake and the 3/8" Crescent Rake.  Lynne uses these to create some of her great effects on Santa's, critters, and all her great  projects.

The Magic Mop speaks for its self.  Its the magic in the mop and the Lynne Andrews projects that make it do its job. This is a 1/4" soft bristle mop.  

The Crescent Rake is a unique combination of a Crescent brush and Rake or comb brush. The ends of the bristles are staggered in length, creating a comb-like appearance for painting techniques that are required in Lynne's painting.  

                            “I love my new crescent rakes for painting my pine trees and foliage!!! So fast and easy.
                               I have also discovered how great they are for my Father Christmas’ beards and fur.”   - Lynne Andrews

Two shapes in the already highly acclaimed series of Lynne Andrews brushes.  Created with the history and superior quality and craftsmanship of Brushes and More.

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Lynne sets and additional shapes and sizes. 

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × .5 in


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