Oval Fresco 2″ by Jack Richeson 9120

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Oval Fresco 9120-1 1/2″


Oval Fresco 2 " by Jack Richeson Series 9120

Natural  Bristle 
Short Handles 

The Oval Fresco 2 " is a great scenery brush. Made of pure bristle, it has a wood handle. The head is a thick oval-based shape with a large oval silhouette. The handle is extremely important for set designers. Because their work is so large and the color load so heavy, a poorly made handle can cause blisters. The handle is comfortable even after many hours work. 

Did you know??

The word "Fresco" comes from the Italian word for "fresh".  There are two types of fresco painting.  In buon, or pure, fresco, the paint is applied to a wet, or fresh, coat of plaster.  The pigments used in these paintings form a permanent bond with the wall surface when dry.   The other type of fresco painting is called secco, or dry. in which the paint is bonded to the wall with adhesive binder flakes.  This type of fresco is, however, not permanent.  Fresco painting highly popular during the Renaissance period.  Today, true fresco is rarely used due to its susceptibility to humidity and weathering.  

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 1 × 2 in
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