Painting & Palette Knife 5-1/4 Flat # 853



Painting & Palette Knife 5-1/4 Flat # 853

Professional Palette and Painting Knives

Richeson Italian Painting & Palette Knife 5-1/4 Flat # 853 One Piece Tempered Steel .For painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint.   These knives have been hand forged by the same family in Italy for over 100 years. Each knife is mounted to a hand polished rosewood handle. The size and shape of the blade result in great differences in spring and control.

Painting Knives are blunt with a slightly flexible steel blade thus no sharpened cutting edge. Use in place of a brush for applying paint colors, paste and pigments. Multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes are available.   Palette knives are symmetric, like a kitchen spatula, but often with a slight off-set between the handle and the blade.  With a flexible blade and durable wooden handle, you can indulge your passion to create for years to come.

A painting knife is different from a palette knife which has a straight wide blade and a rounded tip, better suited for mixing paints on the palette.


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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × .5 × 1 in
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