Sandpaper Pack Multi Grit by Loew Cornell

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Sandpaper Pack

Coarse 140, Medium 240 and Fine 400 Grits

The Loew Cornell Sandpaper Pack contains one Coarse, Medium and Fine Grit Sand Paper. It is a useful tool for prepping and finishing art, craft and home projects.  Great for use on wood and any project where needed. 

Loew Cornell Sandpaper Pack:
  • Loew Cornell Sandpaper Pack
  • This multi-pack contains three sheets of sandpaper in varying grits
  • Fine Grit - 400 -  Use for light sanding between coats of paint, stain or varnish
  • Medium - 240 - Use for medium sanding and removing surface scratches
  • Coarse -  120 -  Use for removing paint and varnish
  • Choose the correct grit and type of sandpaper for the task at hand. If a power tool is to be used, follow all of the manufacturer's instructions.  
  • Great for all craft projects
  • All sheets measure 9 x 3.6 inches
  • To avoid personal injury, wear adequate safety equipment including eye wear, gloves mask and respirator appropriate for the material being sanded.  


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Dimensions 9.8 × 4.1 × .03 in
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