Sea Wool Sponge Medium 3″ R2006

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Sea Wool Sponge Medium

Wool Sponge

These expertly harvested and processed Wool Sponge Medium, are ideal for pottery, ceramics, sponge painting, staining, stippling, and faux finishes. Use them with acrylic, oil, watercolor, or fabric paints.  Natural sea sponges are known for their quality. The Silk Sponge have smaller pores and super absorbency that make them ideal for decorative painting where very fine patterns are desired.  The beautiful natural textures and convulsions yield interesting finishing effects.  It is understood that natural hair paintbrushes are better at holding color and water, so natural sponges are better when it comes to artistic use. Wool Sponges not only hold color and water between their fibers, but absorb it directly into the fiber itself.  This allows for greater color load and longer application time. Sea Silk Sponges are carefully harvested under strict control. They are available in a wide array of sizes and textures for any myriad of artistic uses!

Among some of the many uses for natural fiber paint sponges are:
  • Ceramics - For thousands of years, natural hair sponges have been used in ceramics and pottery as a smoothing aide. Potters need slurry to keep their pieces smooth and moist. Nothing brings water to the potter more efficiently than a natural fiber sponge!
  • Faux Finishing - 'Sponging on' and 'sponging off' are both highly popular forms of faux finish techniques. The irregular texture of natural fiber sponges makes for the most organic, interesting patterns.  They not only hold more color but allow for a more controlled release.
  • Watercolor Painting - Watercolorists have long been in love with the natural sponge! Sponges can be used for wetting paper, or for absorbing excess saturation. Perfect for lifting paint and for softening and blending colors.  Natural sponges are indispensable in the watercolor studio!
  • Acrylic Painting - Use Sea Silk Sponge to achieve organically textured effects in acrylics, to wipe, smooth, and blend colors.  Even use in place of a brush for direct application! The possibilities of expression are limitless when you combine sponges with acrylic paints.
  • Oil Painting - Natural sponges are fantastic for applying thin glazes of color.  New quick-dry mediums mean multiple layers can be applied over a short period of time to build up depth and refraction.  Sponges can also be loaded with liquid oil colors and used in dripping and spattering techniques, with solvents for wiping and smudging.

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