Ultra Mini Fan 2404S Series by Silver Brush


Silver Ultra Mini Fan Series 2404S 

Original price was: $14.90.Current price is: $7.45.
Original price was: $14.90.Current price is: $7.45.


Silver Brush Ultra Mini Fan 2404S Series

Ultra Mini  Fan  made with the artist in mind.

NEW Ultra Mini Fan 2404S Series short handles with the Comfort Grip® design and compact ultra fine heads are perfect for tight work spaces. Golden Taklon synthetic filament offers superb control with acrylics, gouache, watercolor, inks, enamels or oils. Artists can paint all day in complete control, without cramped fingers from tiny handles.
Ultra Mini brushes are ideal for decorative painting, models, doll houses, miniature painting, decorative miniature birds and wildfowl art. Choose from twelve sizes and shapes.
Precise filament golden Taklon hair set into seamless nickel plated brass ferrules and mounted on iridescent pearl white Comfort Grip® handles.

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