Silver Silk 88 White Goat Mop Series 8819S


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Silver Silk 88 White Goat Mop

Oval White Goat  Mop 

Silver Silk 88 White Goat Mop Series is the best quality brush with dressed white goat hair on the market for use in fluid acrylics, interference acrylics, gouache, watercolors and more. These beauties have great absorbency, exceptional holding capacity, wonderful color control and excellent wear resistance. Make your mark with Silver Silk 88™!     

The brush is an extension of the artist’s hand. While holding the brush, artists must feel comfort and at ease to be able to perform their work without impediments and complication. Silver Brush creates the finest tools for maximum artist performance. 

Discover the flawless quality of brushes made by the masters. Experience the company that brings to market what artists need and request. We invite you to discover a Silver Brush that is right for you and learn more about our brushes that you are using now.

8819S Oval Mini Mop - Scrubbing, Blending, Softening



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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × .25 × .35 in


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