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Stencil Paint Brushes are used for a variety of reasons. Most artists will use stencil brushes for a lot of DIY décor. Stencil art is becoming increasingly popular. You can use stencils on a canvas or painting but they can also be used in your home, on your walls. Wallpaper is a thing of the past but stencil painting is more common.

The technique is something that can be easily learned and virtually takes no time at all to become an expert. Brushes & More has been selling quality stencil paint brushes and supplies for over 25 years. You can contact us at 281-259-3730 or fill out the form on this page and we will be happy to discuss your project and which supplies are best for you.

The How-To with a Stencil Paint Brushes

Stenciling can be fun and easy if it’s done right. It’s important not to overload the stencil paint brush with excessive amounts of paint. When your stencil is on the wall or on your painting, the amount of paint on the brush can make or break your artwork. If you have too much paint, it could carry over to the parts that shouldn’t be painted.

Making sure your stencil stays in place will be important, as well. If you have a foam plate, use that to hold your paint. Gently dab your stencil paint brush into the paint and then use a paper towel to get off excess paint. Gradually paint your piece with your stencil brush until all the pieces of your artwork are covered. Once the wall, canvas or whichever piece you’re painting, is completely covered, let it dry entirely. After it is completely dry, you can remove your stencil and enjoy your new work of art.

Your Stencil Paint Brushes Masterpiece

Brushes & More wants to help you create these masterpieces. If you contact us today at 281-259-3730 or fill out the form on this page and we will help you shop for the best stencil paint brushes for your project.

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