Aliyah Ultra Flat Series 1750


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Aliyah Ultra Flat White Taklon 

1750 Ultra Flat Series

The new Aliyah Ultra Flat 1750 White Taklon Series is the best brush for your dollar.  Don't be fooled by over priced dyed synthetic brushes that have a fancy name. White Taklon is considered the most pure form and usually displays qualities superior to dyed Taklon.[4] This durable all purpose brush has superb resilience while holding a good, sharp edge.  

Ultra sizes run larger than normal.  Please see sizes listed below.

Used by the painting industry world wide and the individual painter.  They are ideal for beginner to master painters and perform well in acrylics, oils and watercolors. A favorite of face painters for its price, dependability and longevity. Economically priced, the Aliyah is both durable and responsive.  Comprised of White Taklon, the Aliyah holds its edge and maintains control while holding up to repeated use.  Use on rough surfaces without serious damage.  Silver ferrules are double crimped for secure attachment to the beautiful pearlizied pink short handles.  

With proper care of the brushes, they will last a lifetime.  The  superior quality of Aliyah is clearly seen by the professional and the serious student. Finally our brushes are guaranteed against all defects and craftsmanship.

Taklon bristle sizes:

  • Size 2      3/8"  (10mm) Long               3/16" (4.5mm) Wide 
    Size 4      1/2"  (13mm) Long                 5/16" (8mm) Wide
    Size 6      5/8" (15mm) Long                15/32" (4mm) Wide
    Size 8      3/4" (18mm) Long                 5/8" (15mm) Wide


Make Aliyah your new “Go-To” brush with style.  Introductory prices are still available. 



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