Select Angle Shader 1/2 by Princeton Brush


Select Angle Shader by Princeton 3750AS-050


Select Angle Shader 1/2

Select™ Artiste – Multiple Filament Types

 The Princeton Select Angle Shader 1/2 is a must-have brush due to the range of techniques for its use. Because it contains both natural and synthetic filaments the paint distributes through the bristles, if desired, or sits on top of them. Use the Lunar Blender to dry-brush or stipple. You can create fur, foliage, trees, bushes, clouds, or flowers as a result of the characteristics of the Lunar Blender.

The Princeton Select line of brushes goes beyond the basic brush shapes and sizes that make up the artist's arsenal. Joining the usual Rounds, Filberts, Flats, Chisel Blenders, and Liners are exciting technique brushes that include Lunar Blender and Filbert Grainers.

The makers of Princeton Select brushes handcraft and test each brush to ensure beautifully consistent performance. Princeton Select brushes are short-handled.

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Weight .01875 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × .5 × .37 in
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